Daniel Byrne (Oliver Williams), a young expatriate living in Hong Kong is tormented by the death of his fiancée, Grace Lee (Jennie Baek), seven weeks earlier.  On the final day of “Hungry Ghost Festival”, he seeks help from Zandra Murray-Wong (Emily Corcoran), a mysterious clairvoyant. 

Zandra discovers that Grace’s spirit is in limbo, unable to move on.  Daniel and Grace are joined by a very powerful and potent force.  In a race against time, Daniel faces tough choices in order to save himself and his dead fiancée.

“The Thread” is a tale of unfulfilled passion and lost love. The story follows Daniel’s emotional journey and at the same time, reveals the tragic past of Zandra.



Stanley J. Orzel – Writer/Director

A graduate of the prestigious Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Stanley J. Orzel has written and directed multiple award-winning documentaries and TV commercials in Asia, Europe and the United States.

In the past few years, he has focused his creative energies on feature films.  As a Creative Consultant to Oscar winning Producer Bill Kong, Stanley has been instrumental in the creation of numerous international feature films.

He has collaborated closely with renowned director Zhang Yimou on the martial arts epic HERO, HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS and CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER and director Ronny Yu on the Jet Li saga FEARLESS.

As well as a recognized director, Stanley is also a talented screenwriter.  His recent screenplay, the haunting ECLIPSE OF THE HEART, is in pre-production and will be directed by Gillies MacKinnon.Stanley Orzel is currently in pre-production for his feature directorial debut “Unshakable”, an action thriller starring Ving Rhames and Russell Wong.

Having lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the United States for many years, Stanley brings a distinctive blend of East and West to his filmmaking style.  A connoisseur of Asian cinema, Stanley J. Orzel offers a unique perspective to the romantic thriller short “The Thread”.

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Maria Lo-Orzel – Producer

A well-regarded film executive, Maria Lo-Orzel started her entertainment career at Home Box Office in the United States.  She  broke new frontiers during her tenure at United International Pictures, first as Managing Director for Hong Kong and China, and as Regional Vice President of Marketing.   UIP was the international distribution arm of Paramount, Universal, and MGM/UA. 

She was the first woman to head an international operation of a major US studio and the first woman to chair a local chapter of the MPEAA (Motion Picture Export Association of America).

Most recently, Maria Lo-Orzel served as Creative and Marketing Consultant to Zhang Yimou and Bill Kong on the Academy Award nominee “HERO”, martial arts drama “House of Flying Daggers” and period epic “Curse of the Golden Flower”.   Her other Creative Consultant credits include "Zhou Yu's Train", starring Gong Li, Korean romantic comedy "Windstruck" and Jet Li’s final wushu epic “Fearless” . 

Maria Lo-Orzel is Producer of “Eclipse of the Heart”, directed by Gillies MacKinnon, which begins principal photography in Fall 2009.   Also on her production slate are “Uncommon Honour”, an action thriller set during the handover of Hong Kong to China, and  “A Broken Mirror”, now under active development.


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Oliver Williams  (Daniel Byrne)

British born Oliver Williams was brought up and educated in Hong Kong.  After graduating from the Chinese International School in Hong Kong, he enrolled in the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. 

As a classically trained actor, Oliver’s talent is equally suited on stage and screen.  Most recently he appeared in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s productions of “Tamar’s Revenge”, “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Dog in the Manger”.

Being bi-cultural and fluent in Chinese, Oliver finds the role of Daniel Byrne in “The Thread” particularly personal as it takes him back to his long-standing roots in Hong Kong.

Emily Corcoran  (Zandra Murray–Wong)

New Zealand native Emily Corcoran graduated from the Arts Educational School in London where she majored in Drama.  She has performed at the respected Soho Theatre as well as the Lion and Unicorn in the United Kingdom.  Emily has worked in numerous television programs on the Sci-Fi Channel, Channel 4 and the BBC, including the popular British television series “Holby City”.

Her feature film credits include “Making Waves”, “Ealing Comedy” and “Conversations by Twilight”.  Most recently she returned to New Zealand for the comedy 'Sisterhood'.  In “The Thread”, her role as Zandra Murray-Wong, a Hong Kong clairvoyant, adds to her long list of credits as an accomplished character actress.

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Oliver Williams as Daniel Bynre

1. Oliver Williams as Daniel Bynre

Emily Corcoran as Zandra Murray-Wong

2. Emily Corcoran as Zandra Murray-Wong

Jennie Baek as Grace Lee

3. Jennie Baek as Grace Lee

Geroge Tsai as Wu Tai

4. Geroge Tsai as Wu Tai

Zandra reads Daniel’s past

5. Zandra reads Daniel’s past

Daniel makes a decision

6. Daniel makes a decision



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Hong Kong

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